Wiley X Enzo, DigiForce Lenses, Order Form – Under Construction

WX Enzo, Blk, Pol Emerald Mir

Prescription Sunglasses

Wiley X Enzo

Frame, Rx Lenses, Case, & Accessories

What you need to know!

  • Your Rx may require the "Rx Rim System"
    • If your Rx is greater than -3.00
    • If your Rx is greater than +4.00
    • Minimum PD 58mm

What's Included With Your Prescription WX Sunglasses

Prescription Wiley X sunglasses Order Instructions

Please follow these steps to order your prescription Wiley X sunglasses. At any point, should you have questions, please text or call Mobile Optical at 772-633-0976
  • Make your frame and lenses selection
  • Check out through PayPal
  • Fill out the order form below
  • Upload of your prescription (can be a clear, legible picture)
  • A sample frame will be sent to you for measurements (PD and Seg Ht)
  • Have 5-10 pictures taken of you wearing this received frame (Not Selfies!!!)
  • The photo measurements will be assessed for accuracy, followed up by an email from Mobile Optical
    • Return the sample frame in the same box and attach the return shipping label
      • You will receive an e-mail when the frame has returned and your job has been started

Wiley X Rx Sunglasses (Progressive Lenses Order Form)

    Customer Information

  • Customer Rx Information

    Right Lens (OD)

  • Left Lens (OS)

  • Reading Add, Seg Ht, & PD

  • Seg Ht

  • Monocular PD (Pupilary Distance)

  • Examining Doctor (Who Wrote Rx)